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Courtney Loper

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I have known Laura for around 10 years. I met her when she was working at the child care center that my son attended. She was his teacher at some point, I believe around age 2. She has always been very friendly and always has a smile on her face. She was built to work with children and I never worried when my son was in her care. She now works at my sons school for our local school district so he gets to interact with her again around 8 years later. Laura is usually out front of the school welcoming in all the kids with a good morning, a smile and a wave or hug. She has a wonderful spirit and I believe that God designed her to be a mom. She will make an excellent mother and will provide the child with a warm, loving and safe environment to be able to thrive and succeed to their fullest potential in life. Although I do not know as much about Luis, I have interacted with him a few times over the years and he is very pleasant and respectful. Luis and Laura make a good team and would make any child wonderful parents. I have followed Luis and Laura’s journey from the moment they announced that they decided to pursue adoption because they longed for children of their own to love. Believe me they have had plenty of children to love over the years between jobs and church but it’s different when you have your own child to love and care for and to share memories with and to one day have grandchildren from to love and spoil just the same. I am hoping that someone chooses this wonderful couple and trusts them to always do right for this child. They will do so much more for the child than you could ever imagine. I am waiting for the day that we will see that their hearts are full because of a selfless parent who decided that their child deserved the very best with Luis and Laura. That will be such a wonderful day.

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Debra Sanders


Growing up Laura was always a very caring child. She and her brother have a great love for each other and we’re always laughing. Since she was around 10 yrs old she has played / collected hot wheel cars. She would make entire cities out of shampoo bottles, boxes and house decorations to make her city look good for her cars. She is a very loving and goofy grown woman now but she will always be my baby girl and I know she will make an amazing mother.

Debra Sanders Endorsed Fun, Goofy, loyal, Adventurous, Postive, Hardworking and Dependable, Friendly, Loving and Kind, Faithful and Devoted

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