Laura & Luis

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Coffee is the way to our hearts. We have a great coffee shop in town that we go to quite a bit, the vibe is great and coffee is delicious.
Antique shopping to find cool one of a kind pieces is always a fun thing we do on the weekends.
We are big time fans of street tacos. We love road tripping and finding a great "hole in the wall" .
About a year ago, Luis started a his photography business(side gig). It has been so fun to meet new people and capture some sweet moments.
Celebrating 10 years of marriage on our late, but worth it "honeymoon" It was our first time on a ski lift, super sketchy but the view was perfect.
16 years and counting!
We joined our church and got baptized 4 years ago. It was so amazing having our families gather at church with us to celebrate our renewal to the Lord
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