Cammile & Rad

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


We love Charlotte, NC. Cammile lived there for almost 2 years and we really enjoyed it there!
We love paddle boarding on the lake by our house.
Sean McConnell is our favorite singer/songwriter.
We really enjoy reading. Cammile loves to collect children's books from places we travel.
We had so much fun at our wedding with all of our friends and family, but especially this amazing wedding party!
We love Disney!
We both attended Texas A&M and love all things Aggie! This 12th man towel is from our wedding, the other side had our names and wedding date.
We love the Olympics and are super super fans! Our favorite summer sport is swimming and winter sport is ice skating (Cammile) and Snowboarding (Rad).
We love swimming and teaching others to swim. Cammile owns a swim school where she teaches kids and adults the life skill of swimming!
We love animals! This is a picture of our kitty Jada Belle. She has so much personality!
We love building and woodwork. This is a table we built for our master bedroom.
Traveling is one of our absolute favorite things to do! This picture is from Zimbabwe in 2016 when we went to visit friends that live there!
Swim Across America is one of our favorite organizations to work with. Swim Across America raises money and awareness for cancer research!
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